The MERCER Approach

MERCER is a group of elite entrepreneurs and entertainers that focus on the power and extraction of our new and revolving culture as people. We target and fire at controversial thoughts in the form of music, photography, activism, and other forms of media and art.

The Mercer works to leverage Hip Hop as well as other popular forms of art as a platform for social change. They’ve mobilized a network of cultural media experts and consultants, including photographers, video, graphic design, event production, sound engineering, etc., all of which work with up-and-coming conscious artists to ensure their success. They showcase their artists and skills in the form of creative events throughout the East Bay. The onset of COVID in early 2020, sparked the Mercer Brotherhood to engage more frequently in the community, hosting drives, concerts, and emergency housing practices. They’re currently looking for investors, venues, and industry mentors.

OUR PURPOSE (Formerly known as a Mission)

To provide creative, artistic and educational services to underserved folks through hip hop and culture.


A generation of youth who are strong willed, socially aware and committed to having a positive impact on their communities.

We are close to the problems, therefore, close to the solutions.

Leo is born and raised in Oakland Ca, and has been doing community organizing work in Oakland since 2009. His friends gave him that name in high school.

Key Partners &Supporters

If you feel inclined to support. Please donate to the MERCER to help keep the cultural positive energy flowing in the harsh environments of hate, oppression, and chaos. Here is the link