Mercer Group 2015

The MERCER Approach

MERCER works to leverage Hip Hop as a platform for social change. They’ve mobilized a network of cultural media experts and consultants, including photographers, video, graphic design, event production, sound engineering, etc., all of which work with up-and-coming conscious artists to ensure their success. They showcase their artists and skills at events throughout the East Bay. They’re currently looking for investors, venues, and industry mentors.

MERCER is a group of elite entrepreneurs and entertainers that focus on the power and extraction of our new and revolving culture as people. We target and fire at controversial thoughts in the form of music, photography, activism, and other forms of media and art.

Our Story

Honestly, have you ever seen the movie “Four Brothers”? If not, go watch it, and then come back and ask about our story.


To provide artistic and educational services to underserved youth through hip hop music and culture.


A generation of youth who are strong willed, socially aware and committed to having a positive impact on their communities.

We are close to the problems, therefore, close to the solutions.

Leo is born and raised in Oakland Ca, and has been doing community organizing work in Oakland since 2009. His friends gave him that name in high school because of how much he behaves like the zodiac.

Meet the Founder: Leo Mercer

Hello beautiful souls. my name is Leo Mercer and music is my passion. Understanding that music alone will not liberate us nor pay the bills, I incorporate it into most aspects of my life.

2020 is a special time right now. Those of us who are immune to the wiles of the world only seek to make it better. COVID19 has provided that opportunity. George Floyd shouldn’t have sparked a rebellion, it should have happened before. We are just glad it happened. There are more opportunities to change the world than ever.

Although ready to take on the new decade, our previous one has been quite the decade (2010-2019). So many highlights, so many dark moments. We turned a white lady calling the police on two black guys for breaking an ordinance into an organized rally called 510 Day & BBQing While Black (Yeah, that was us). We turned Nia Wilson’s death into a rally & celebration of life for all young queens who look like her. Oakland is changing dramatically, and it seems that once again the pioneers of the movement are being displaced. Films like The Lost Element and other Mercer content will show a more authentic, in the mud style of what Oakland is, and will become. 2020 is looking sweet.

I hope you all enjoy my creative progressions and give feedback please.



Key Partners &Supporters

If you feel inclined to support. Please donate to the MERCER to help keep the cultural positive energy flowing in the harsh environments of hate, oppression, and chaos. Here is the link