What is LegendKlan?

The LegendKlan Collective, Like the MERCER, is a coalition of individuals who are very creative and visions culture being narrated in a more positive way. Not all LegendKlan members are Mercer members. They are synonymous in style and passion. It might remind you of the Wu-Tang Clan, TDE (Top Dawg Ent.), Dreamville Records, even the Black Panthers, given most members Oakland roots.

The LegendKlan Crew holds Leo Mercer, Infamous Taz, JusDizz, Natural Keyz, KJ Focus, RTV, Q. Montinero, C’asti, IAm L.E.O, and Dreezy. Many more inactive members.

LegendKlan Highlights

We are still in efforts to support the family so if you have any resources, please click the link and donate to the Wilson Family.

Tribal Passage 2018: Marching for Nia Wilson

Nia Wilson, 18 at the time, was murdered at MacArthur Bart Station by a white man found to be a supremacist, and was let off with a slap on the wrist. We mobilized and stood on the front lines for Nia. That could have been our younger sister or daughter. We also curated a show where all of the funds were given to the Wilson Family.

MERCER Brings #LegendKlan to Oakland’s Art & Soul 2018 Festival

#LegendKlan members performed at the 2018 Oakland Art & Soul Festival. We are also able to bring in Determination Black Men’s Group, Oba Ogunlano, and more to create a well rounded musical, entertainment, and cultural movement that people can learn and enjoy.