The Mercer brotherhood along with and the Oakland Frontline Healers have launched a city wide campaign in Oakland that focuses on how to deflect the negative attention off of eachother and begin to support eachother.

Oakland’s “Peace in the Streets” Campaign was established out of an extreme sense of urgency to create a thriving safe haven for black families in the midst of racial trauma, a global pandemic, and economic instabilities across the United States of America, brought on by COVID-19. Because of COVId-19, homicides in Oakland have increased 55%. Calls are being made for police reform while cries for justice and reparations ring out on the streets. Communities are working together to feed food insecure families, provide masks, and direct payments to families in need. we are committed to creating safe spaces for black faces and their allies by demanding a City-wide Truce beginning October 1, 2020. We must create a place for restoration, recreation, and reformation for you and your families during this time. So join us. We cannot do this without you.

The community is fixing to hit the streets to pass out flyers, door hangers, and posters city wide, but targeting the areas highly impacted by COVID19. Expect to see this literature:

We are doing a new thing. We are building healthy Black communities for ourselves. In order to do that, we must have peace across the African diaspora. We welcome you, your family, and all Black allies to support us in our vision to be the change we must see in our neighborhoods. We ask, as leaders of your community to look out for this literature and co-sign it.

Very soon, in the near future, you will see us, credible messengers, elders, and protectors of the community, coming into your neighborhood with ceremonial African libation, drumming, dancing, bringing beauty to affirm our commitment of peace in your streets. When you hear the drum, know your neighborhood has been blessed and cleansed of all violence, that you are safe and protected by the spirits from our motherland, where you were once Kings and Queens, part of a tribe that lived a value-based life of culture and respect.

What we are doing

Campaining and Canvasing

Marching and Protesting


Settling differences and recognizing similarities

We are hiring young people! Orientation is this Saturday. Please sign up. Here: