Welcome to Oakland’s Basement.

What We Do

Music Production

We have become great over time at DIY knowledge in engineering, mixing and mastering to make sure that all who come to us will see high quality work, in official and unofficial capacity (ie. albums, mixtapes, cover songs, voiceovers) We love to collaborate.

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We have accrued over time fabulous curriculum that talks about the pertinent issues that we face today, and the Mercer’s DIY solutions. We host workshops on Mass Incarceration, Gentrification, different ways of education retention, as well as music production, sound optics, marketing consulting and more.

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As innate artists, we will waste no time showing you what we have musically. Our artists have orchestrated sets in the grandest and the smallest of spaces. We can perform at your school, club, non profit, or private event.

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Marrying Culture & Art (The Right Way)

We curate, ally and assist art and cultural campaigns & movements that are pertinent to our survival. The Mercer Brotherhood is known for being on the front lines of many cultural movement that benefit people of color. Specifically, but not limited to Black People. Our constituency bridges many communities. We are marrying our social issues with our art, making timeless stories.

Many of us are struggling because we are not at the table when solutions are being talked about. We are highly scrutinized when the problems arise, though. We are close to the problems, therefore close to the solution. We must have a seat at the table that isn’t always discarded to entertain those at the table.

We would love to be at the table with you. Aside from already having an influential physical and social media presence, we are connected many other ways. We speak at many events a year, host workshops, and curate performances! We would love to add you to our list of conspires for enhancement of our communities!

Next Steps…

As a newly formed non-profit, we want to be able to keep spreading our collaborative light to you! As we’ve done much without a lot of resources, we will do so much more with your investment. If you’ve come across the Mercer music, or any of the mercer movements, please donate and support the Brotherhood. Your $$$ will help us continue our unique style of work.