While our services vary due to capacity, this is what we offer to our community. Please contact the Mercer for pricing as prices reflected on here are subject to change.

Media Production

We Offer these Media Services:

Web Design & Management

Video Production

Engineering, Mixing & Mastering

Beat Production


We Offer Workshops on:

Music & Social Issues

Social Accountability

5 Elements of Hip Hop Hx

Gentrification & Adaptation

Speaking Engagements & Performances

We have Performed at over 1000 Shows (no tour):

My Brothers Keeper Alliance

Marching For Our Lives Parade

March 2023 Prices

Leo recordin in the studio.

Getting Involved in Media Production

Making Music, and other media content can be all consuming. Trust us, we know. We may be recognized from it, or not. For me, the goal isn’t to be the famous person, but the person who can actually rap. The person that care about the traditional values of hip hop, which is expression. With that being said, we don’t work with everyone. We work with the skillfully committed. If that is you, shoot us a message. If you think you are but have to guess, practice. We don’t want to hurt your feelings. Click the Picture to get involved in music production.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

We have created and curated workshops all around the bay area and beyond. Even in an unofficial capacity, a lot of our conversations serve as workshops. When we bring out the the notepad and the butcher paper, it gets a little more real. The Mercer has a list of curriculum, lesson plans, and workshops that educate those who are close to the problem, so they can realize how close they are to the solution.

Leo teaching lesson plan at UC Davis. Present question of why youth are not succeeding in the current school system.

Performance Engagements

Growing up performing all over Oakland, Performances have become more like “over-official rehearsals”. Meaning, every performance feels like practice for the big days. Days like you see here, where you see Leo Mercer speaking to nearly 60,000 people at Marching for Our Lives Parade in San Francisco. We can be booked at your local town hall, parade, festival, and concert.

Next Steps…

Shoot us an email, and lets work on saving the world using our artistic abilities and our conversations.